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After more than 50 years on the market, Erba is today a leader in the production and creation of design furnitures. This dynamic company, located in the heart of Brianza - where you can find the production headquarters, as well as the offices and showrooms - makes use of cutting-edge technology and a youngworkforce, adjectives that perfectly describe this growing business.

We continuously invest in production - one of Italy’s most innovative systems - along with research and development of products that meet new styles and needs. All of this has made Erba a world-renown company.

Thanks to our hard work, our production unit can now take advantage of high-tech machinery and systems, specifically designed by a team of experts to meet company needs. We can now offer our clients and customers the utmost flexibility and customization for their projects. These products are created for those who want an exclusive style - people who pay a great deal of attention to design - in this case, truly minimalist.

Our furnishings are always contemporary, thanks to essential lines and punctilious style. This is a balanced mix of innovation, safety, dependability, and design.

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