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IQ is a product created by the architect G. Manzoni, famous for his vast experience in the field of transformable products and the owner of about one hundred patents for his inventions. Discover the innovative features of IQ, by watching the video on the website • Pure comfort, technology and design – in a module of only 37,2 cm in depth. • With low bench, depth of 61,2 cm. The perfect measurement to take advantage of the Erba system’s potential. Our collections also offer a wide variety of storage units with a depth of 61,2 cm, to be paired up with your IQ that includes the low bench. Practicality and design fi nally come together in a single solution. • With low bench, depth of 82,2 cm. A low bench with an unusual depth, but which gives IQ a special extra touch – the 82,2 cm low bench makes IQ a self-supporting bed that does not require wall-anchoring of the frame, but rather simply the minimum safety fastenings. For this reason IQ is perfect for apartments with gypsum board walls. • The opening of the bed begins with the lock on the door-panel, where the feet are also integrated. The built-in handle makes this process easy. The complete safety of this product is further guaranteed by the unlocking mechanism on the door-panel for the closure. • The low bench is equipped with a lift-down door, and in the rear part, with a top that opens to allow for the connection of electronics and cabling. With just a simple touch, the bed smoothly rotates into the horizontal position. Opening does not require any assistance and it can be quickly and easily blocked if there are any obstacles present. Safety. The opening mechanism is slow and smooth, and if any obstacles are present, it can be easily stopped with a simple touch. Project Design. The IQ system beds can be added as single elements in any context, or perfectly integrated with other Erba collections, creating furnishing solutions for the living room, studio apartments, as well as interiors for the young and old, where you need to make up for lack of space. Innovation. These beds are equipped with the most innovative opening system found on the market. This system allows you to open the bed with a simple touch, making it perfect and easy for everyday use. It is also smooth and silent, and does not require assistance. Reliability. IQ is a product created entirely within our premises, using only the most solid components and highest quality materials. Each bed undergoes numerous careful checks before being delivered to the customer. Design. IQ offers an extremely minimal design. Unlike traditional systems found on the market, IQ is more like wainscoting rather than a foldaway bed. Its lines, designed with horizontal panels, make it truly one-of-a-kind.

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